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      Dizzy kit
Availability: Sold out,
but key parts like the
programmed microcontroller
are still available.
A package containing all parts mentioned in the list, except the mains adapter (a Dutch one would be useless to most international customers) can be ordered using PayPal. The price is $139.50 plus $15 for shipment to foreign destinations (priority mail, takes about a week to for instance the USA).  
Payment in US$:
If you live in Europe, you might prefer paying in Euro. In that case, the price is €98,50 plus €14 for shipment European destinations, using priority mail.
Payment in Euro:
The package lacks only the material for a `terrarium' (its size must be determined by you), the dust mask and the mains adapter. The manual consists of a copy of Dizzy's web pages on diskette.


Dizzy motor  

...Or just the key parts?

If you prefer to hunt down your own components for Dizzy, you still need the AT90S2313 with his program inside. You can order it from us for €15. Other key components are the motors, which must consume very little current and have to run at the correct speed. You need the Mabuchi EG-510ED-9F or similar 9V recorder motors as shown on the left. Take the lid off the outer case, pull out the motor, remove the rpm stabilizer, and there you have it: a Dizzy motor, running perfectly at a little over 3V. Order a set from us for €10, if you like.
The track width, the LDR (€2,50) and the capacitor (€1,00) used to measure the battery voltage must also exactly match the original values. Among the other difficult items may of course be the PCBs, available for €15 a pair. Contact me about shipment and the price of other components.
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