Robot links

How to build a walking robot, in five easy lessons...
The Microcore
Dave Hrynkiw
"Um, no - that's H,R,Y,N,K,I,W. No, not K,I,U,U, K,I,_W_. Yes, that's right. Yes, I know it looks like "HOCKYRINK." Yup, only 2 vowels. Pronunciation? _SMITH_"
maintains a fascinating page about all kinds of small robots. He also sells parts for them.
Solarbotics - The BEAM Robotics Resource
Probably the biggest little robot shop on the Net:
Mondo-tronics' Robot Store
Another interesting way to experiment with robots:
Robix RCS-6 Robot Construction Set
Six-legged robots for film and television:
Micromagic Systems
The magazine all about Robots:
World's PREMIER robot webzine
An especially interesting RobotBooks page:
Robot Components, Competitions, Clubs
And have a look at Jan van Rijsewijk's very well designed robots:
His mouse
And his cat hunter