Michael Cook's Thumb

In October 2007, Mike wrote:

   I want to thank you for your work in the electronics community.
   I saw your Green Thumb 6 or 7 years ago and thought it was an
   especially elegant solution. I've been working with the Dallas/Maxim
   1-Wire chips recently and was reminded of your Green Thumb project.
   I've never been able to remember to keep a plant alive, so I've
   decided to fight this problem with technology.

   Last Friday I got on Mouser and ordered close enough approximations
   of your parts. On Thursday, when they came in, I built a Green
   Thumb on my breadboard. It now reminds me to feed the Peace Lily I
   got for this project.

   I found a battery powered air pump that I'm pressurizing a water
   bottle with to send water to the plant, but I haven't finished
   that section yet.

   I've put up a website to document my work:
   I'll be adding more as time and energy permit.
That air pump sounds like a good idea, and Mike also provides a useful
parts list with numbers corresponding to the Mouser catalog.

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