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 The Photovore in action

In actie On 9 August 1996 between 12:02 and 13:20 a series of 15 photographs was made, at 5 minute intervals. The robot was doing its thing on a table about 1 yard from a window facing east. The sky was blue, with here and there a slight veil of cloud.
Here you see a 'moving gif' of the series, playable by plain Netscape as of version 2.

The Photovore doesn't move in the direction you might expect, but at right angles to it, in half circles around the stationary wheel. The feeler behind the rolling wheel cannot hit any (new) obstacles, because the feelers also describe arcs with the opposite wheels as their centers.

Tip: First download the moving gifs to your hard disk, then point Netscape at them (open file). They will play better that way.