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Last update: 13 November 1999
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The real Playground


Playground, full view

Right: Jaws on the prowl in his Playground.

Materials used:
Floor - 9mm MDF (medium density fibreboard)
Border - 20 x 20mm softwood
Obstacles - softwood, 20mm
The Playground itself was spray-painted;
the Obstacles were done with a brush.

The largest Obstacle in view has a
diameter of 15cm (I have one measuring
19cm in reserve). The next two are 10cm
across, followed by three of 5cm and
four measuring 2.5cm.

The local woodshop planed a board down to 2cm, made the border frame, and did two large obstacles (19 and 15cm diameter) using their band saw. I mounted a jigsaw upside down in a `workmate' and had no difficulty making three 10cm obstacles. The 5 and 2.5cm ones were simply drilled out using a saw for circular holes.

After drilling holes through the centers of all Obstacles, wooden pins - 6mm diameter, about 5cm long were glued in. This allowed them to be fixed in a not too fast turning drill for sanding, and provided a hand hold during the paint job. When the paint had dried, the pins were cut to 12 mm, and the ends were sanded to make them slightly conical. 5.5mm holes were drilled in the Playground floor, into which the pins fit tight. Six rubber feet keep the floor 5mm off the table it is standing on, allowing the conical part of the pins to protrude.

Total cost excluding paint: about $18.

Playground, detail view
An Obstacle Left: A 5cm diameter Obstacle showing its pin.

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