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Robot ``Easter Egg Hunt'' discussion digest

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Date: 9 July 1999
DJ: Darrell Johnson
BH: Ben Hitchcock
KH: Ken Huntington
SB: Steven Bolt
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The size of the Eggs

If no objections are received before July 25, this proposal will be
copied to the Contest definition:

SB> Five ``Easter Eggs:'' Diameter between 1cm and 1.5cm, each made by
SB> crunching up a sheet of aluminum kitchen foil of about 15 x 15
SB> centimeter. They won't resist rolling, but neither will they roll
SB> predictably. Conductive. Can be anywhere on the Playground,
SB> except in the gathering area. 
SB> Competitors who wish to do so may supply their own Eggs. Only
SB> aluminum kitchen foil is allowed as material, and they must conform
SB> to the above specifications. Ten Eggs should be supplied, so the
SB> judges can take a few apart for inspection, and also to have a few
SB> in reserve in case of attrition.

Long range Egg sensors

Have been the topic of much discussion, most of it productive :) I hope to do a proper summary soon. But in the mean time, have a gander at this scanning laser device...

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